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Time is money. I’ve got places to go and people to do and I don’t appreciate waitin’ on a woman like Brad Paisley.

I used to sit in a parking lot for 20-40 minutes waiting for my girlfriend to finally show up. I’d say “you’re late” and it would somehow be my fault.

Can you relate to this?

Maybe it’s your girlfriend or maybe it’s a tinder date; who cares? You hate sitting around because it feels like they couldn’t care less about your time. It’s a blatant sign of disrespect and you want it to stop.

If you refuse to learn how to make people respect your time, you will go through life always waiting and it will always bother you. Your frustration will make it harder to actually enjoy the time you spend with others and it will make you want to avoid meeting people altogether.

However, if you master these simple skills you will be amazed at how easy it is to get people to always be ready to go and you’ll never be kept waiting.

And here is exactly how you do it.

Have you ever traveled somewhere by train? You go online and check the time, go down to the station before it’s time to go and when the train comes you hop on and go.

The train comes when it comes and it goes when it goes. It doesn’t come early for you and it doesn’t stay late. There’s many people that this train is for and it certainly doesn’t care if you’re there or not.

The train will not send you a text message “are you coming?”. You will simply miss your train.

What if the train waited for you?

What if the train sat there and only left when you were good and ready? If you got there early, it would be there to go. If you got there late, it would wait for you and then go.

Wouldn’t you start showing up whenever it was convenient?

That’s exactly why people do not respect your time. Waiting is a choice and you choose to wait instead of going.

You are afraid to leave the station.

But the train only gets to act like the train because everyone knows it can. The taxi has to act like a taxi and wait because everyone knows it’s a taxi and that’s what they do. This means you must set up your encounters to make sure you have the freedom to leave if necessary. This is key. Although it helps tremendously to just leave people when they are not there when it’s time to go, anyone can do that. What is really impressive is setting up a situation in which it is hardly necessary to do so. How do you do this? It’s all in the planning.


You wouldn’t treat an event with friends the same as you would treat a tinder date. Different situations require different methods. These are the different methods to use for getting people to show up on time that can be applied whenever appropriate.

Bringing it close to home

I don’t schedule tinder dates far from where I live. I don’t care if they live 45 minutes away; I’ll meet them no more than 5 minutes from my house. I’ll send out a message “tell me when you’re 10 minutes out” and I won’t leave until they’re almost there. If they’re late, I’m never stuck waiting anywhere.

This works best for meeting girls online. You should never drive very far so they can make you wait because you had to leave first. If they leave first and tell you when they’re almost there, you’ll never be stuck anywhere looking at your watch.

Maybe they’ll lie and actually be very far away or maybe they won’t come at all (which is very, very rare). You’re only a couple minutes away from home. Oh well…

Doing something with multiple people

This is how you act like the train instead of the taxi that has to wait. The train has multiple people to serve but the taxi has to wait for you because you’re the only one it is there for.

If you are going someplace, going with multiple people will make sure that the other people all know damn well that you can leave and the late one might be left behind.

This works well for events with friends. If you have two friends come with you someplace and one of them is always late, tell them that you and the other friend will leave if they aren’t on time. They will probably be early.

You cannot expect people to act in your own self-interest. You can only expect people to act in THEIR own self-interest.

It all boils down to one concept…

Respect your own time

The above methods are simply techniques but this is a mindset change. Knowing that you should not waste your time because it is valuable will make you change your behavior naturally. People will think to themselves “this is a person that will not wait for me” when you think to yourself “I am a person that shouldn’t have to wait for others” and it is really that simple. They will giddy up and move their butts when you say so because they know you mean it.

You must have an attitude of abundance. Most people are afraid to leave others behind because they fear they won’t get another chance or they won’t be able to find other people that will respect their time. They treat others’ tardiness as a tax for friendship.

There are billions of people on this earth, you can find plenty of people that won’t take advantage of you and disrespect your schedule.

I planned to go on a hike recently with a girl that liked me. She overslept because she wasn’t used to getting up at 5 on a Saturday morning. I waited for 5 minutes and then left.

I had a great time and found another cute girl on my hike.

The girl I left behind apologized and “made it up to me” the only way I let pretty girls make it up to me…

What if I had done what most guys do? I would’ve sat around for an hour and it would’ve put me in a bad mood. I would’ve let her disrespect my time and we would’ve had a bad time. I would’ve never met the other cute girl because she would’ve been gone by the time we got there and I probably would’ve gone online and complained about how inconsiderate women are.

But I didn’t do that because I don’t whine, complain or wait and neither should you.

As with most things in life…

People can only take your time if you give it to them.


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